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Born ( 1963 ) in Hungary. Contemporary Artist, living and working between Paris in France and Debrecen in Hungary. Uzonyi builds up a pictorial structure whose archetypes can be detected in nature. He spends a lot of time near the water, inspects its surface and observes both its playfulness and permanence, according to the time-dependent changes. The water drips, bubbles, sparkles, and it is instinctively felt that it follows the sacred laws of geometry . The natural world offers such a rich treasure house of themes, which is almost inexhaustible. His masters- including János Kapcsa and Arpad Bényi - taught him many things, including brush management and various techniques and the recognition of the unity of nature, while in the realm of harmony he received assistance from the writings of Eckhart Tolle and Hermann Hesse . His paintings have a certain plasticity and spatiality as well. It is characteristic of his pictures that they are haphazard and predictable, with space and flatness meeting , and therefore, are likely to create a feeling in the viewer that they see nothing other than enlarged microscopic images, or something similar, completely from the microfauna to the macrocosm.. To see his paintings often makes us feel that we have entered a sacred space, we see and feel the harmony, and this harmony - the sanctity of space- provides us with properties that can be objectively measured, which carry the secrets of beauty. 



He has held more than 30 of his own exhibitions in the past two decades, and his paintings have been bought by several collectors from Japan to the USA. 

2017 Paris Salon "Delaistre"special prize Exhibitions

2017 Paris,Galerie Monod exhibition 

2016 Wien 2016 Debrecen (Hungary) 

2015 Schönau( Germany) 

2013 Uzony won the gold medal in the West East Gallery (Canada)

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