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Zsolt Hanyu

Hanyu Zsolt.jpg


For me, the purpose of art is to communicate the joys and beauty experienced in life to the viewer in the hope that the creation will evoke similar emotions in them. I tried many styles and techniques, from simple still life and portraits to difficult philosophical, versatile art. Whatever I paint, my main goal is to be honest and to love what I create. I paint because I like to paint, because I have to paint, because there are thoughts, forms, moods that I want to convey. I believe that every work of art carries a deep message. Even those that are not designed for museums or huge exhibition spaces. In art, we can glimpse the creator, the past, the present and the future at the same time. Art is for the beholder, but it exists because of the creator. It is important, of course, that the observer understands the message intended for him and that he works in it. Fulfill yourself. If this is so, we can call it: the perfect creation. Art is the most powerful means of expression, so I strive to use it as positively as possible in order to make the world in which we want to exist better.

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