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Levente’s works open a window to a WORLD where we find ourselves communicating with our innermost selves left without reflection. His artistic drive summons the discourse of the self created by the transcendental powers of aesthetics way beyond figurative depicting.

Sculptor, creator and works are entities that cannot be cut off from each other. They are soul/sole together till the ideality goes out to start a new life through the spectator’s eyes. This figurality becomes the bridge between the creator and the acceptor. The artist: Pontifex making the figure alive by taking advantage of the materials and the composition of the elaborate pieces.

Art that is formed by free playfulness. Style that shows unbound shaping. Levente’s instinctive playfulness makes the hardly definable creator’s impulse exiled to the very depth of conscioussness complete and unfold. This way his art is getting mature, developing independently, reifying his artistic credo and life-loving.

His subject, on one hand, is human as the ultimate being. Yet, on the other, it is the one placed in social and cultural context. This fascinating mixture of reality and imagination is presented to us driving the attention to matters of existence through the artist’s rich association.



2015Voices made of steel, Bang & Olufsen, Vienna, Austria

2014Diplomatic Fair, Hotel InterContinental Budapest

2014Art Market, Millenáris, Budapest

2014Dől a bálvány exhibition, Partizán Gallery, Budapest

2014Exit joint exhibition with painter Msl, Dr Rose, Budapest

2014Kempinski Art Soirée, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest

2013International Arts Festival, Shanghai

2013Internal Games exhibition, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest

2013Kunst und Buch, Vienna

2013Solo Show, Spirit Hotel, Sárvár

2013Parallax Art Fair, London

2010Skin-exhibition, IT Service Gallery, Debrecen

2010Torsion – exhibition, Budapest

2010Premier – exhibition Duna Gallery, Budapest

2008Graduation exhibition

2006One minute stillness ,Budapest-Epreskert, Kálvária

2006Exhibition of MKE Students

2006Art Expo, Szentendre

2006Without Borders 2, Slovakia

2006Barcsay exhibition, Budapest

2005Collective exhibition, Temesvár

2005Collective exhibition, Mátészalka

2004„Redemption 2004” installation, Levente Molnár – Tamás Komlovszky – Szvet, Kossuth Cinema, Budapest

2003Closing exhibition of Colony of Artist, Heves


2009MAOE membership – Fine Arts Section


2002-2008Fine Arts University of Hungary, Sculptor speciality

Master: Pál Kő, Kossuth Prize winner sculptor (2003- 2008)

Zoltán Karmó sculptor (2002-2003)

1999-2001Bokányi Dezső Ornamentalist Technical College, Stone sculptor speciality

Master: ENES Sándor Nagy

1997-1999Ornamentalist and Building Industrial Technical College, Ceramist speciality

Master: Tamás Szarka


2008AEGON Scholarship of Fine Arts

2007First place of competition of MKE and Aegon Insurance Company

2006Prize of MKE and SOTE Fine Arts Competition

2005Barcsay Prize


2010Elisabeth, Pócspetri

2008Saint Elisabeth from the House of Arpad, Ibrány

Water, Ibrány

2007Portait of Kenéz, Kenézlő

In memoriam of the expelleds, Rátka

Portrait of Árkövy József, SOTE Budapest

2005Way of the Cross – Gomboshegy, Hercegkút

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