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Collage is one of the oldest creative, artistic techniques that originated in China and coincided with efforts to experiment with the alternative use of paper. It became an independent and still popular genre of fine art, equivalent to oil on canvas, at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the greatest figures of the avant-garde movement, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The collage "enchants" new compositions enriched with a three-dimensional surface, freely experimenting with the academic rules of imaging, from elements of the material world that are often considered worthless waste - wallpaper, posters, photographs, newspaper clippings, product labels, wire. Collage, as an imaging technique influenced by world-famous representatives of Cubism, was later gladly used by avant-garde movements, Dadaists, and Surrealistists in their creations forcing them to leave the "comfort zone." To this day, the unbroken popularity of the genre perhaps lies in its easy-to-use, non-traditional artistic self-expression. For nearly a decade, Mr. Tibowsky has been making individually sound compositions that reflect the pop culture of the 80s and the world of streetart. Like his painted works in his collages, he is an internationally known example of moving stories with impulsive effects, zero waste, and the artistic transmission of free thinking.

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