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Born: 1987

Lives and works in: Vienna- AU, Budapest - HU


  • 2011-2015: Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Graphic Design, Prof. Oliver Kartak

  • 2006-2010: Technical University Vienna, Architecture, Prof. William Alsop

  • 2004-2008: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Kontextual Painting, Prof. Muntean- Rosenblum / Krystufek / Schreil

  • 2006: Summer Academy Salzburg, Andrea Fogli (Rome, Drawing and Illustration)

  • 2003: Summer Academy Salzburg, Rivka Rinn (Berlin-Rome, Photography and Digital Media)

  • 2002: Summer Academy Salzburg, Caroline Broadhead (London, Fashiondesign)


  • Künstlerhaus Wien


  • 2018: Prize of EGA Frauen Art Award Österreich, Vienna

  • 2017: Prize of the VI. Water and Life International Biennale

  • 2017: Art Award 2017, 2nd place category painting/graphics, Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs, Vienna

  • 2017: LaFemme 50 Tehetséges Magyar Fiatal – LaFemme 50 Talented Young Hungarians

  • 2014: Roter Teppich für junge Kunst Vienna, Anrkennungspreis

  • 2007: Second Life Architecture Award: Best 40

  • 2006: Scholarship of the Summer Academy Salzburg


  • 2019: Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Vienna

  • 2019: Kunthalle, Mücsarnok Budapest

  • 2019: EGA Frauen im Zentrum, Wien

  • 2018: Ar2day Gallery, Budapest

  • 2017: Kempinski Art Soireé- Dolce Vita, Ar2day Gallery, Budapest

  • 2017: Berekai Art Studio, Budapest, O tempora o mores, Budapest

  • 2017: Austria Auction Company, O tempora o mores, Wien

  • 2015/16: Ega, Hedonati,Wien

  • 2015: Red Carpet Showroom, Wien

  • 2015: Symbol Galéria, Hedonati, Budapest

  • 2014: Próféta Galéria, Virtaura, Budapest

  • 2014: Red Carpet Showroom, Wien

  • 2013: MOYA (Museum of Young Art), Looking back to the future-10 Years Naomi Devil, Vienna

  • 2013: VIRTAURA, Kunstverein Köszeg

  • 2012: Gallery Szatyor, Deep blue se(e)lf, Budapest

  • 2012: Exhibition Hall, Kalocsa

  • 2011: Kunsthalle Szombathely, Metaverse art, Szombathely

  • 2009: Gallery Artitude, Budapest

  • 2008: Museum Postsparkasse, X-ist, Resist, X-cite,Vienna

  • 2007: Hungarian Cultural Center, SPACE WARP, Prague

  • 2006: Gallery Mucius, DOWNLOAD::MEDIA, Budapest

  • 2006: MOYA Vienna, 4 solo exhibitions: Naomi Devil, Adam Bota, Jaye, Stylianos Schicho

  • 2005: Gallery Art Position,Vienna

  • 2005: Gallery Mucius, PINKFERNO, Budapest


  • 2019: Rejtélyes történetek, Válogatás a Braun Gyűjteményből, UP Rendezvénytér, Budapest

  • 2019: ARTMESSENGER Art Fair, Kubik Coworking, Budapest

  • 2019: RAF Resident Art Fair, Atelier Pro Arts, Budapest

  • 2019: Ar2day Gallery + Fashion Street Gallery, Women / Art / Fashion, Budapest

  • 2019: International Feminist Art Festival, Vienna

  • 2019: Resident Art Garden, Nagy Gyula Alapítvány, Lovas

  • 2019: Budapest Bizarre, Loft B111, Budapest

  • 2019: Ziggy Art Fair, Pintér Galéria, Budapest

  • 2019: Nicholas Treadwell Art Collection, Wien

  • 2019: Art and Antique Fair, Millenáris Park, Ar2day Gallery booth, Budapest

  • 2019: WIKAM Frühjahrsmesse, GPLContemporary booth Palais Ferstel, Wien

  • 2018: RAF Resident Art Fair, Atelier Pro Arts, Budapest

  • 2018: Y Generation Art Fair- Godot Galéria, Goldberger Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest

  • 2018: LATARKA Kortárs Művészeti Vásár,PRÓBAüzem kiállítótér,  Budapest

  • 2018: Museum of Fine Arts - Szépművészeti Múzeum, OTPVRMuzeum, Budapest

  • 2018: Paralell Vienna Art Fair, Wien

  • 2018: Peace, Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Semperdepot, Wien

  • 2018: Yound Vienna Surreal, Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Wien

  • 2018: Vasarely hungarikonok, Eszterházy-kastély, Fertőd

  • 2018: Vasarely Hungarikonok, Pécsi Galéria, Pécs

  • 2018: Varasely Hungarikonok, Erdész Galéria, Szentendre

  • 2017: VI. Water and Life International Biennale, Baja

  • 2017: Cserni Art Foundation, Kunst 4.0 (C. Eisenberger, Devil, Goldscheyder, Nubauer) Vienna

  • 2017: Ar2day Gallery, Summer in the City Show, Budapest

  • 2017: Vaszary Villa, Balaton-nyár-szerelem, Balatonfüred

  • 2017: MODEM, X-Y Generáció, Debrecen

  • 2017: Auróra, The morning after, Budapest

  • 2017: Molnár Csilla Andrea memorial exhibition, Kripta-villa, Fonyód

  • 2016: Latarka Galéria, Terítve, Budapest

  • 2016: Bartók 135, Deák 17 Galéria, Budapest

  • 2015: EXPO MILANO, Milano

  • 2015-16: Maschinenmensch, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj-Napoca

  • 2015: Maschinenmensch, Deák17 Galéria, Budapest

  • 2015: Festival für Junge Kunst, Künstlerhaus, Wien

  • 2015: The Essence, Künstlerhaus, Wien

  • 2015: Die Kunst als Waffe- Waffe in der Kunst, Bildraum 07, Wien

  • 2015: Austrian cultural forum: Red Carpet Art Award, Opatija

  • 2015: Between the Volga and the Danube, European Center for Fine Arts, Bratislava

  • 2015: Between the Volga and the Danube, Russian Academy of Arts-Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow

  • 2015: Hotel RUM Art Project (organised by ArtForward)

  • 2015: Deak 17 Galeria: Gepemberek (Maschinenmensch), Budapest

  • 2015: Junge Kunst Parcours, Anker Brotfabrik, Wien

  • 2015: Galerie Störpunkt: Zukunfts sichten in vorwärtsdenken, München

  • 2015: OZORA Festival Gallery

  • 2014: Várbazár: Hungarikonok, Budapest

  • 2014: Filmcasino: Plakatausstellung, Wien

  • 2014: Junge Kunst Parcours, Anker Brotfabrik, Vienna

  • 2014: Austrian cultural forum: Royal Dreams-Glorious Future, Opatija

  • 2014: OZORA Festival Gallery

  • 2014: The Essence, Künstlerhaus, Wien

  • 2014: Just European?, EGA, Wien

  • 2013: MOYA, Young Art Hungary

  • 2013: Das Exponential, organised by Ausarten, Wien

  • 2013: MOYA Annuale

  • 2013: The Virtual World in Reality, Gallery Szatyor, Budapest

  • 2012: Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels: Hommage an mich, Vienna

  • 2012: Institut hongrois de Paris: Shöffer dan le monde, Paris

  • 2012: International ArtExpo: Hidden and Forbidden Identities, Italy Venice 

  • 2012: NUS 2012, Split

  • 2011: Gallery Stephan Stumpf: Die Verführkraft schöner Kunst,Munich

  • 2010: Degree Art London

  • 2010: Nord Art, Büdelsdorf

  • 2010: Wir leben und arbeiten in Wien, Area 35, Vienna

  • 2009: Nőnem/Women, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Center, Kecskemét

  • 2008: Budapest Fair, Karton Gallery and Museum

  • 2008: Embodyment, Academy of Fine Arts, Aula,Vienna

  • 2007: Gallery Exner, POP 07, Vienna

  • 2006: GalleryExner, Junge Sommer,Vienna

  • 2006: Art.Fair Cologne, Gallery Exner, Cologne

  • 2006: Ernst Museum Dorottya Gallery, Budapest

  • 2005: IZD Tower,  Devil and Garcia Pozo,Vienna

  • 2005: MOYA (Museum of Young Art): New Romantics,Vienna

  • 2005: Art Position, Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna

  • 2005: Selfportait UK 14-19, Touring exhibition:  Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Manchester Art Gallery,
    National Museum & Gallery Cardiff, Peterborough Digital Arts Museum & Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall,
    National Portrait Gallery London, London Underground

  • 2004: Brick Lane Art: Art In Mind, London



"What would it be like to be put in the shoes of the great figures of bygone centuries and to paint a self-portrait as Rembrandt himself or to draw a laser sword as Athos, Porthos or Aramis? What would it be like to pop into a shopping centre of the future? Naomi Devil knows. Who can decide whether she is traveling in time or time itself is shifting, and whether Naomi is haunted by apparitions of the past, or rambling amidst visions of the future? This is a riddle similar to the aporia of Chuang Tzu, who awoke from his sleep and could not decide whether he had dreamed of being a butterfly or the butterfly was then dreaming of being him.

Everything seems to be possible in the 21st century. There is no need for psychoactive drugs because technique takes you anywhere. While Alice reached into the realm of miracles through a mirror, Naomi was sucked into the virtual worlds of the online game Second Life, where her avatar took adventures among fantastic 3D buildings she had built herself.

Naomi Devil is a contemporary painter par excellence. She devours everything offered by our digital era. Both the aesthetics of Baroque masters and the visual worlds of science-fiction appear on her menu. As the invention of the daguerreotype started a revolution in the nineteenth century, likewise the visual arts of our times have been transformed by the computer and the World Wide Web. Not only are perspectives changing, but technique as well, which is not surprising. Already in the Middle Ages, countless ingenious devices were used to assist in drawing. Neither Vermeer in the 17th century nor Canaletto a few decades later was reluctant to use the camera obscura. Painters have always appropriated the innovations of their eras. Naomi Devil also boldly takes advantage of Photoshop, but the created image serves only as a starting point to her paintings. Skills in painting and knowledge of various techniques are indispensable, but she has mastered both. This is revealed by her several non-photo-based works.

Naomi Devil’s works are characterized by a very intense visual effect achieved both through composition and the use of color. It is all the same whether she is painting a psychedelic dream lit by the exaggerated neon colors of night-time bars and advertisements, or looking for the glimmering effect of Rembrandt’s nearly monochrome golden-brown palette; whether she is touching on reminiscences of surrealism and pop-art, or evoking Schiele’s line-drawings with charcoal and oil on a raw canvas.

Resembling Baroque and Mannerist paintings, her compositions are profusely dense — a sumptuous display of sensuous delight. Her futuristic paintings are similar: only the choices of figures, clothes, and objects are different.

Members of a consumer society are constantly exposed to a barrage of visual stimuli. Whether at home or on the streets, citizens of a metropolis live their daily lives surrounded by relentlessly flashing lights. The people, hungry for information, are not only able but indeed forced to use several newer and newer electronic devices at the same time. They divide their attention between television sets, laptops and smartphones. The web simultaneously bombards them with its messages. These kinds of pulsating dynamics characterize Naomi Devil’s paintings, even those which are melancholic or less intense. At first sight, the mind is not able to encompass all the details. The eyes need some time to scan the picture, because the devil hides in the details — in the best sense."

written by Zoltán Rokenbauer, curator of the Kunsthalle Budapest

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